Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't you Want my Blood?

So, today I left work early to go do my 2-month duty of giving blood. Gotta love the American Red Cross, not only do they drain pints of life out of you, but they prick your fingers, make you wait, answer awkward questions, then make you wait. Then, after they're done with you, you're forced to down some warm apple juice and not pass out.
Despite all of this, I've never felt bad about giving blood. It's an easy way to rack up community service hours...and who needs all this blood anyway?
So, back to today...I'm excited, because today would've been my Gallon day. It's kind of gross to think I've given a milk carton's worth of blood, but hey, if it gets me a free t-shirt.. :) But, no. I can't fulfill my gallonic dreams because my iron is low. I tell them to take another sample from the other finger (as if i have more iron-rich blood on that side) but sadly i was evenly deficient. So not only do I miss out on a blood drop pin, I've wasted 45 minutes of work. Well, I might as well eat a bunch of broccoli and steak and go tomorrow.

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