Monday, June 28, 2010

So about this thing called ART

I'd like to be all too happy to post some photos of my latest art...

But due to my last experience with it, I'm a little peeved.
I was sketching out a portrait using pen & ink...on my bed.

Smart, right?

Everything went well, about to close up shop and go to sleep, when my leg twitches.

Yes, a giant pool of hateful blackness spread across my BRAND NEW, EXPENSIVE quilt, and it seeped through to my comforter (HAND WASH ONLY) and my mom's sheets. awesome.

After many remedies that made no sense (Lemon juice and Salt??) I got most of it out, luckily the quilt is black and white, so a dull grayish cloud remains.

Needless to say, I'm ticked. So you'll just have to wait.

You're such a Nanny

Yes. I am a Nanny. I wish there was a tougher name for it. Because, c'mon this is a TOUGH job.

But wait, first: THE PERKS

No matter how bad it gets, I can't get mad at this face!!
I literally LOVE my job.

She talks like she's 8, so everything she says is hilarious. Her vocabulary? Try, embarrassing, ridiculous, and are you kidding me, man?

Every once in a while, I'll even get a, " Arielle, you're so pretty. I love you"

Ok, so enough of the goods.

The things that aren't so awesome?

3am nightmares

5am potty breaks

8am I'm hungry! Let's wake up!

That's pretty much it though, other than a lack of sleep some days, there is no down side.

My fee is my rent, and any days I'm needed beyond my assigned ones? Extra cash.

Really, my life is awesome.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like a Band-aid...LOST for the Very Last Time

I'm just going to get this over with, because I can't stand it any longer.

The Finale.

It's so hard for me to analyze how I feel about this. This show consumed 6 years of my life, so I need it to mean something. This sounds so pathetic, but it is what it is.

OVERALL, this is how I feel:

I could have done without the sideways universe. Here's why:
  • yes, it showed us characters we've missed, but so what? I mean, they are gone, so why dredge up the past? I just didn't need it I guess
  • I get the coolness of be unhinged, experiencing two realities at the same time, but which is more important? Which one mattered most?
The island ending was brutal, and had it been the only ending, many people who solely cared about seeing Shannon and Boone again would've been ticked. But in my opinion, they were not vital to the overall storyline. Had the sideways been deleted, more time would have been devoted to enhancing the island time, giving a more substantial finale, rather than flashes of action and....oh everyone's dead.

I don't like talking about this, because I really do love this show, and don't want to make it any less amazing than it is.

All those years, each episode was a movie-quality piece, having intensity, action, emotion, passion. The bar was so high, the level was above any other show. Then came the finale, which felt like a good ending for a regular show. The mood, the quality of storytelling, etc, just wasn't the same. It wasn't the LOST that I knew.

I hate that I wasn't satisfied. I hate that I want to buy the DVDs but simply ignore the last CD with the finale in it. I'd rather have it cut off than end this way.

wow, I am done. No more obsessing. I'm not going to crab about the lame "walk into the light" scenes, or this will just get nasty-ranty.

I loved the performances, I couldn't have asked any more from the actors. They were all amazing, and if Matthew Fox doesn't get a nomination....I'm going to write a letter or something.

I'm sad to see such amazingness end, but at least there was an end.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Photography Blog

So, this blog is for ART stuff, not exclusively photography. So I decided to create another blog solely for that purpose.

Go here to see hopefully many updates of my photography...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free-Lance (no really, free)

Got to take some photos for a friend's wedding this year (january 1st actually!), and here were the few that I felt extra proud of....

* so what is a Lance? and why is it Free?

Not yet.

No. I'm not ready to talk about LOST yet.