Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Finally Jorge gets some decent screen time.
We need some laughs between Jack sighs and Sawyer groans.

best lines were the reference to Indiana Jones and him freaking out about lieing to a Samurai.

SO. who is number 108? Are they the doubles of everyone in the sideway universe?
Has Jacob already given up on these candidates or just planning ahead?

Yikes. I guess she never found that hairbrush back in season 1.

Is she "sick" ? Where's Christian? Does she know about Jack since they are buddy buddy? Why would Christian lie to her about the baby?

A squirrel? Really? I feel like this is a ridiculous prop/story add in. Yes, it helps lend to the fact that she's delusional, but a squirrel?

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Substitute

(sigh) Richard.

he is my favorite character to look at.

But, I'm really thinking more about WHO he is now.
Chains. are they hypothetical or literal?
Was he a slave on the Black Rock? Or just a slave to Jacob/Island?

Why is Not-Locke so invested in him? He has always wanted Richard to come with him? Are they related? Or is their connection purely rooted in bondage to the island?

I love cranky-anal-high school teacher- Ben. We would be friends.

C'mon. this SO not Aaron. That just wouldn't make any sense.

I've watched this episode three times by now, and by the way he interacts with Not-Locke, he sounds Jacob-ie. I really have no idea. For now, I'm calling him Creeper Face.

What Kate Does

Is anyone buying this? Of course it's not Sayid. Like he would scream like a baby during torture. He was in the REPUBLICAN GUARD people.


I found some hilarious screen shots. I couldn't resist....

"And that's the butterfly brand they gave me." -Sayid
"And when were you going to tell me about this, Sayid (cue angry Jack face)" - Jack
"I wasn't aware you had such an interest in my personal affairs Jack." - Sayid

"Dude, it's looks totally lame." - Hurley
"Shut up man, guy just got branded with a stupid butterfly!"

Look at this. Claire looks like she's seen a ghost. Kate's booking it after stealing a pregnant girl's purse and the nurse looks like she's about to fall asleep.

I know Ethan is bad, but somehow I never get tired of seeing him. He's like my anchor of badness.

Our Last Premiere: LA X 1 & 2

I can't believe I've put this off for so long.

I mean, it's the LAST time I will EVER do it.
you'd think I'd act a little more committed.

Truth is, I'm a college student with a crick in her neck who doesn't want to spend any more time on the computer than necessary. Lame, right?

I'm separating all of these sessions so this post isn't a mile long...(FYI)

Ok, enough. Here we go.

I'm going to try my hardest not to be uber-critical, just....inquisitive...

Jack's Appendix

Alright, their bodies are the same. BUT, the experiences have changed. Almost like an intense cover story, only it's not a cover, except to them, in a deja vu kind of way.

Behold our Premiere Attire. My shirt - Jack themed - of course.

Carina's - Locke - the back finished the quote, "...and what I saw was beautiful."

Man in black is creepy, but I bet Terry O'Quinn's glad to finally be playing a strong character rather than the sniveling Locke....I would be.

WHO knows WHAT?

Does Dogen know everything? What about Richard? Obviously Ben was a thoughtless pawn....Does everyone in the Temple know it all?

I'm sure there was more, but my mind can only reference so much....

P.S. Gee thanks. I wanted to feel comforted knowing Juliet survived to season 6 only to have my heart ripped out. again.