Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm not sure what this blog will be about, I just decided to start one.
Hopefully some new and fun ideas will appear in my head soon, till then,
you'll probably get random stories and funny photos. Ciao!

Below are 5 photos I'm using to describe this past year, you know, to get a feel for what's to come.

<-My pumpkin this year. I got serious and used wood carving tools.

<--I was in The Sound of Music, well I was added in 3 weeks from opening night. They needed a nun, and I had friends in the cast. Poor Shelby looks horrible, but I snapped it anyway, and forgot to smile.

<-- Being the poor college student that I am, I used pure skill alone for christmas presents. Unfortunately, that meant giving away my art, which i hate doing. But, when you're broke.... This was for my sister.
tool of the trade: mechanical pencil.

<--My brother definitely got the best of the bunch, well his took the longest. His was a double-sided painting. Yoda was the best, the flipside was Wicket, our favorite Ewok. "Goonda"

Ok, I know I said 5, but I really meant six. I went to the Coast this summer and it was especially great, since my very awesome friend came with me.

<--Here, we're imitating "disorientation" from The Happening. Yes, our love for movies seeps into our daily lives.

Below: Best wall on the wharf. We had to have a piece of it to take home.

Man this photo stuff is time consuming. I have a feeling I'm doing it wrong. Every time i add a new one, all the text is jumbled.

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