Saturday, February 7, 2009

The best in a long time...

Now, it's been a while since Ive been to the movies, since the money flow has been less than, now that I've gotten to see a bit of what's out there, it's such a relief! There is one in particular that I enjoyed so thoroughly, that I just have to recommend it to everyone!

Australia is one the most beautiful, epic films I've seen in a long time. The Cinematography and locations and costumes were amazing.

In the beginning, Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) is labeled as an aristocrat of sorts, being the image of style and elegance in the rustic company of Australia. She thought very highly of herself and seemed very uptight and rude. But as the film progresses, her lighter side is unveiled by the mysterious wonder of a little aboriginal boy named Nullah.

The first time you lay eyes on this beautiful child, it's an instant love. He is so sweet and innocent and mystical. His grandfather is the King of the aborigines, who also teaches Nullah the songs of the earth. He sings to calm animals down and draw Lady Ashley to him. It's so moving how he sings with such a small voice, but it also has so much power beneath it. -- "I'll sing you to me" becomes a sort of catchphrase for him throughout the film, but every time you hear it, your eyes are bound to start puddling.

Now, don't pass this off as some girly love story. It's full of intensity and danger, gun fights and chases.

There is a definite bad guy, and his name is Mr. Fletcher. (David Wenham). You may recognize him as the honorable Faramir in LOTR (Return of the King), but trust me, there's not a smidge of good in this character.

And, there is a gorgeous, rough, Australian hero known as Drover, which I'm not sure is his actual name since droving is his profession (driving cattle ). But, nevertheless, he's the perfect outdoors, save your life, just enough scruff, kind of man that every woman dreams of. And Hugh Jackman does an amazing job. I mean, c'mon, who can resist that...

I didn't think there would be very good chemistry between Kidman and Jackman. Even though they're only a year apart, she looks quite a bit older than him. I guess it's because he's played alot of youthful roles as opposed hers in The Hours and such. But, they surprised me and created a powerful, exotic romance that makes your heart race everytime their eyes meet.

So, please, if you haven't delved into this world of beauty, love, action, and adventure, for your own sake of experiencing something truely exciting, watch it. It's worth every penny of your overpriced movie ticket.

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  1. That was so perfectly written! It was so tastefully written. You should be a movie columnist... ? If that's what they do. That was awesome! It was so great that the next movie that i see is definitely going to be Australia! it sounds like a mesmerizing experience.