Thursday, February 26, 2009

And He Lives....

So, Jeremy Bentham, this is who you've become huh?
Seriously, John Locke shows some potential, some real signs of maturity in this episode, especially in that line, " I was angry and obsessed."
Wow, how long did it take him to admit that?! But, unfortunately his cowardice won out yet again.

And Sayid....have you suddenly converted? Either you're working for the peace corp, or you've seen the light in the missionary life in the heavy heat of Santo Domingo...(Holy Sunday!!)
"Do some real good." He sounds pretty serious about it to me.

Poor, poor Matthew. I really liked this character and wanted to see him round out. But no, Ben had to splatter him across the pavement in an attempt to kill John. I'm sure he was a strange guy, but I trusted him. Either way, he's gone now, more time for Fringe I guess.

So, back to Locke's pathetic-ness. After everyone has denied his pitiful invitations, John find himself at Jack's hospital. Oh right, it's fate. Sure. Not your questionable driving and bad sense of direction in a stressful situation.
The real turning point was what Jack said to him, " What if you aren't special." -sorry if this isn't direct.
From then on, he sank back into self-pity and wallowed in his own pathetic existence. Enough, to bring him here:

But honestly, even if Ben hadn't interrupted him, I don't think he could've done it. And, well Jacob probably would've sent him a creepy old Alex Rousseau ghost or something to convince him, " he has more work to do."

So, why didn't Ben let John do his own dirty work? Obviously he needed all the information he could get out of him before he went through with his deviously murderous plan.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you now STOP FALLING for Ben's tricksy and false speeches and such. He's a bad, nasty dude, believe it.

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