Thursday, February 19, 2009

they're baaack....

Ok, this is a long time coming, I can't believe I haven't done this yet!
-the review of last week's episode "316"-

I had so many ideas and theories that night, hopefully I can scramble together some good ones now.

First and foremost:
Jeff Fahey. Really? REALLY? Why would you rid yourself of that rugged stache?
This new bare lip version of you is just NOT good.

The rest of the passengers present just as much turmoil within me...Such as Sun

Tell me, what will Jin be more upset about? That she is coming back to the island, or that she left behind their daughter?!

It stinks that Kate is hatin' on Jack. And she looked pretty rough on the flight, almost as bad as when she thought she was going crazy in "What Kate Did" where she was seeing horses and hearing Wayne via Sawyer.

And, did you notice this familiar face?

Mr. "my condolences" for Jack. He is too unique to be just an extra.
You may remember him from Vantage Point, as the mastermind behind the assasination.

where Matthew Fox was his partner in crime....

coincidence? Could there be an assasination being planned for Ben in the near future?
Which brings me to our dear Mr. Linus.

Why is Jack trusting Ben so easily? Normally, he would be questioning every decision, this ridiculous plane ride, everything! So why is he all of a sudden treating Ben like his wise and all-knowing mentor? And why hasn't he asked about the hideous massacre that happened to Ben's face?! Seriously, not even a chuckle or weird glance, just blind obedience? Can it be he is turning into an Other? .........I shudder to think if it.
Were those "loose ends" Ben had to tie up fighting back? Could it be he made an attempt on Penny's life, did Charles come to her rescue or Desmond?

And finally, Aaron. this poor little guy keeps getting passed around, he'll starting calling the bag lady at Piggly Wiggly "Mummie"

Did Kate contact Sun and they both dumped the babes at grandma Paik's?
"I found a new friend for you to play with..."-Sun

Too much fuss has been caused over this boy, he has to be important. Does he have power like Walt? I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Littleton still won't get to see him. At least not yet.

A List of Proxys
  • John Locke-Christian Shepard (resurrection in order....)
  • Ilana - Sayid's escort - Edward Mars
  • Frank Lapidus - Seth Norris (will he die by Smokey's hand?)
Things that made my eyes puddle a bit
  • Hurley buying the extra seats, trying to minimize lives lost...such a humanitarian
  • Hurley, bringing a guitar for know it is.
  • Kate on the rocks, man if that was how she would've met her end....Damon, Carlton, we need to talk.
  • Kate and Aaron.
  • Jack and the shoes

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