Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo

Man, sorry I'm so behind on all this. (who am I kidding, no one reads this!)

Yet again, Libby "sees the light" for one of two reasons: Love or she's Dead.

The rest of the episode was pretty predictable for me.

Well Ilana, what do think will happen if you jam water bottles on top of nitroglycerin-dripping dynamite and throw it on the ground! (not to confuse with Samberg's version...)

What other option was there? And what's with Michael always wanting to blow up stuff? (freighter...ok so two things aren't always, but....apparently that's all it takes for me)

Happily Ever After

Now I know this universe/reality cannot exist. Because this was never meant to happen.

It seems to me, that the writers did some serious echoing with one of my favorite movies,
The Jacket.

Sure, this is an MRI scanner rather than a morgue drawer....but!

Adrien Brody experienced glimpses into the future/alternate universe whenever he was in there. Too bad for him, he didn't exactly get a panic button.

The way I see it. There are two theories:

LOVE is what makes people realize their other life. In the words of Penelope Widmore/Milton/Hume, "All we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us"

(another similarity to The Jacket, the reason Adrien was able to keep returning to the same place/time universe, was because he was in love a woman whom he knew in his reality as well --Oh! the first sign of a Constant!)


DEATH is the common bond between those who "see" and those who don't.
-of course this excludes Desmond, but he is the exception. to everything it seems.

Charlie's dead, Daniel's dead, Juliet saw into the other world...

So which one is it?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ABC Lost Fan Art Wall

ABC is hosting a LOST Fan Art Wall, so naturally I had to investigate...

-I just know I'm going to be 55 and still looking for vintage "LOST" art....

As I was rummaging through the many entries, some were astounding and had to be shared, these three were my favorites:

I was a bit reluctant to submit any of mine, because none can compare to those!! But I wanted to be a part of it -it's my last chance :(

Below is what I submitted, to visit the Art Wall, click on the photo below.

Please bear in mind (bare?) that these were quick sketches, not to be compared with the immaculate, flawless versions above done by much more accomplished artists.