Monday, June 15, 2009

PDA: a pet's display of affection.

Death comes in many ways, and it's not always a sad occasion.

Such as when it's given as a gift....of sorts.
Here let me explain.....

I house-sit for my brother and his wife, who live downtown. I LOVE it. One of the reasons why I love it, is their amazing cat.

Meet Cookie.

I know my reputation with pet-love has been less than admirable...however, this particular feline is exceptional.

She is very eccentric for her species.

She has thumbs.

She snuggles with you and watches movies.
She gives you reassuring kisses just in case you are doubting her love for you.
She communicates her unending needs to go in and out(quite loudly)....

And she comes bearing gifts displaying her........talents.

I woke up one morning to find this display of affection waiting for me. Luckily she only gave me the "pretty parts" of the bird, excluding everything but the feathers. So thoughtful.

If I had to own a cat, she'd be the one to have. She's got spirit and she's not afraid to show you who's boss....

and she's pretty ( and knows it too) :)

even if she is a bird killer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Have you ever had a morning-mare?

They happen in those last few hours of sleep where we're unconsciously aware that it's morning, but physically still zonked out.

Well, this morning, I had such an unfortunate experience.

I can't remember all the details, but here's what I can pull together:

It was a mixture of:It was a mess of getting lost, being found by a gorgeous man, whom I cannot recollect, and ultimately meeting my friend's mother, who was very angry with me.

She wanted me to cut my hair off, why I don't know. But it HAD to be done before the wedding. I thought this was weird since in "reality" this woman loved me and on top of that, adored my hair. So this dream-version of her was just ridiculous.

Dream-mom-of-friend next said she was sorry and begged for forgiveness for her insistence and I forgave her, thinking she was back to her nice self. She offered me her favorite comb to brush part of my hair as she played with the rest....

The next thing I knew, she had sliced through my long locks with some scissors, leaving a jagged, horrifying mess behind. Her evil cackle sounded in my ears as she gloated over her cleverness. In my surprise, she proceeded to cut off the rest with the same lack of precision.

Now, in order to understand the gravity of this horror in my mind, one must know that long hair is kind of a big deal in my family.

We're not those crazies who grow it down to their ankles, or worse...


but we all have nice, think hair that we kinda like to show off, a little bit.

I had my very first haircut when I was 10, and it was a traumatic, yet relieving ordeal. Once it was gone, I didn't have headaches and could take a shower in 10 minutes versus 60.....

Gradually, I became more comfortable with hair cutting, but I never have done anything too drastic.
This was as short as I ever went, and it was curled under, making it look shorter than it actually was.

BUT, recently I've been growing it out again, which has taken awhile. So this dream really gave me a fright, as well as frustrated me.

To give you a feel for what I saw in this horrible vision, I found some similar situations:

This is actually quite close. If you have ever seen the film Harriet the Spy (and if you haven't you should, it's brilliant) than just remember the scene where Harriet snips off the lusciously long braid of the girl in front of her. A heartless act to say the least.

Thankfully, my head was safe from buzzin', but I can empathize with his expression...

But, I really felt more like this, and was probably making the same moaning sound as I awoke.

Luckily, my locks were intact. But I checked anyway.

So, save yourself from future turmoil and don't go back to sleep if you wake up too early.

Beware of the morning-mare.

Start them young.....

Baby showers are always fun, for women anyway. And the only way to make them funner, is if all the attendees( or most of them ) are LOST fans as well...

I'm always trying to think of ways to get the perfect, non-traditional gift, for events like these. I don't like getting typical diapers or pacifiers, I like getting things that are worth remembering.

So, given that this was Lyrica's baby shower, of whose house we would all meet weekly for our LOST was only fitting that her gifts would be LOST themed...

This first one is probably my favorite. I forgot to take photos of the real things before I gave them away, so I had to make "paint" versions. I'm such a geek.

It just seemed so studly of an outfit for little Mose V to start life in.
Notice the Security Star Dharma logo, for Sawyer....

It came with some navy blue shorts that i tried to put LOST on the butt. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it was still legible.

This onesie was super cute too. There was a cute little sailboat on the front, which fit perfectly.

I really liked this one too. Probably because it took so long and turned out perfect. The "Not penny's boat" is Charlie's handwriting, but I couldn't find just a black and white version of the letters. So, I had to take the picture of his hand, take out the color, and go into "paint" (I'm too poor for photoshop) and slowly but surely erase the hand from behind the letters, leaving the finished product! It was fun, and i felt crafty ironing on all the labels...

Now I have a bunch of the iron-on sheets left over.....:)
So, there will probably be future posts of my new LOST t-shirt creations. My first project will be putting some of my head sketches on one. So excited!!