Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome New Recruits...

Now who would have guessed....

The best part (in my opinion) of the whole episode was Jack.

He just couldn't believe that HE, a spinal surgeon, who graduated a year ahead of everyone else, is now a Dharma Janitor, based on his poor results on the aptitude test. Way to stick it Sawyer.

Another funny one was Juliet's short-lived maternal instinct. Hey, if I knew I was holding a creepy baby-mama-napper, I'd throw it back.

AND, Juliet had her own little power-play of her own with the newly arrived rival for Sawyer's tender little heart. We all skipped a beat when Phil gave Kate the evil suspicion eye, but sure enough Juliet has to leave everyone on the edge of their seat while she "saves" the day.

So, way to go Sun, you are the smartest of them all, for not trusting every slimy word out of this man's mouth.

SIDE note:
One not so supported theory of mine with no basis other than my hunch (what hunch?) is that Miles is Pierre Chang's son. AKA Marvin Candle, Edgar Haliwax, Marvin Wickmund ( what's the obsession with candles? )

And one more "yay" moment, we finally get to put a face to the brain stain.
Good ol' Radzinsky, pre-end of the world-button crazy.

Till the next marvelous night...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Long awaited surprise...

Presenting Carina's birthday present. It was over a month late. But, I wanted it to look good.

-I sketched heads of 26 of the most pertinent characters
-and researched every connection between each of them
-it took forever.

So finally, I was ready to make it a poster....

-click on photos for a larger version...

and it looked like a 4th grader made it. Too many grueling hours went into each of those little lost heads to let it look as hideous as this.

So, I decided to start again.

Well, just cut out every head and put it on black.
Looked much better, with straight lines instead of wavy.

Complete with the Oceanic logo...

I hadn't added the 16 red dots around the "O" yet...

and on each line connecting the characters, there's an explanation of how they met, or how their lives are connected.

It was worth it in the end. She loved it, almost as much as I loved it... I'm making myself one.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LaFleur's Dilemma...

So, Mr. LaFleur is it? At least he got a decent pair of glasses this time.
Do we like this new, clean shaven Sawyer? He sure looks like he belongs with Dharma.
And speaking of which, do we call him Sawyer anymore? He killed the real Sawyer, so now he's just James again, right? Who knows. Sawyer sounds more attractive....

I know they only had each other, but does anyone else think this is weird? He was willing to torture and interrogate her with Sayid, grilled her about her and Jack, treated her with other-hatefulness, he didn't even trust her fully. I mean look at their faces! Are they smokin' Dharma weed? Those 70's clothes don't lie....
I guess this proves that dramatic situations can really pair ANY two people together?

But, obviously he doesn't fully trust his bed maiden, since he wasn't too eager to share the good news just yet when Jin called about his new van buddies, .

Maybe he's thinking he's got some competition again....

Or perhaps he's thinking of past "ties" between his beloved Freckles that has supposedly been forgotten.

Will she stick with Jack?

Or possibly get caught in a net with someone else?

How could they forget their outlaw connection so easily? He sacrificed his life for her...

Will he remain true to his new love with Juliet? Or will old flames kindle and start the mighty Quadrangle all over again?

Things to think about:
  • Are they stuck in this time forever?
  • Will they risk their "lie" to warn the Dharma Initiative of their perilous fate?
  • Will Richard become an ally since John is back?
  • Are John, Ben, Lapidus, Hydra Island crew, all in the same timezone as Jack, Kate and Hurley? John wasn't flashed apparently....
  • Will Ben rise up to take back his leadership duties? Will Richard demote him?

This is the saddest part of this whole back in the past business.

Unless they can find a way back. Juliet will never see her sister again and never meet her nephew. Yes, Sun and Kate left Aaron and Ji Yeon behind, but that was their choice. Juliet has wanted to get back to them for 6 years. Just breaks your heart.

I love this show so much.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie Connection Monday!

I have a gift, or a curse, whatever you want to call it. I have an intricate matrix of movie information inside my head. Give me two names, or any criteria really, and I can connect them through movies. Some call it the Kevin Bacon game, but I'm not a Bacon fan, so...it's just the Movie Game.

This week, Carina challenged me to connect Don Cheadle and Steve Martin.
It took me 1 minute to do it.

Steve Martin was in Shop Girl with Claire Danes
Claire Danes was in Little Women with Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon was in Step Mom with Julia Roberts
and Julia Roberts was in Ocean's Eleven with Don Cheadle.

I also have this game called Cineplexity, courtesy of Barnes & Noble, that is like this game, but more complicated.
You can't connect, you have to find ONE movie that fits the criteria given.
for example: Find a movie that has 1. a scene in the rain, 2. and the genre is a war film.

There are obviously numerous answers such as:

Saving Private Ryan
An Affair to Remember
Pretty much any war film really.

Until next week...