Thursday, August 20, 2009

What I'm Watching...

Since LOST is currently unavailable....

I have been thrust into this new world beyond smoke monsters and polar bears.

Turns out it's not all bad, especially my current favorite, Ace of Cakes.

I love art, and cake. So this is the perfect show for me. Everytime I see this show, I want to go to pastry school and learn how to do it.

The host is hilarious. Chef Duff has the most infectious laugh ( in a good way...) and knows how to mesh work and a good time with friends. I mean, it's gotta be hard being your friends' boss , but he seems to be a pro.

I've tried to pick my faves from the show, but it's awkward since they aren't characters like Jack and Kate, they're REAL people. But I can't help it!!

Geof is by far the funniest, because he's the coy, silent comedy genius.

Mary Alice is great because I know if the episode is old or not by her hairstyle. She's ever-changing, well that and Duff's facial hair. :)

I love all of them though, each have their own quirkiness and unique artistic flare.
I'm just jealous.

SO. you should check it out. Click this great photo to go to their site and check out all of their AMAZING works of art ( especially the Millenium Falcon....).

Finally, if I were to ask for a cake that wasn't Star Wars or LOST, because of course, those kinds of cakes would be ordered for me by my dearest friends (hint hint)....

Then I'd probably want them to experiment some crazy technique on it, with I don't know...all the HomeStarRunner characters, because they are awesome.

p.s. if someone were interested in making me a Star Wars cake, I'd like Jabba the Hutt( gnarly tongue and all), just because it'd look so gross that I wouldn't want to eat it, just keep it forever.

p.p.s. as for LOST, Mascara Man's head will suffice. OR Charlie's DS ring, that would be awesome.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dharma Designs

Ok, I promised I would continue my t-shirt designing adventures, so I've finally delved into my creative side once more to make some for myself.

This first one took FOREVER simply because I have a ghetto photo program instead of Adobe Photoshop, so instead of ten minutes, it turned more into two days to finish.

First, I arranged some of my sketches together, to make a collage for the front of my shirt

This took the longest.
It looked a little barren so I decided to add a little island.

So I googled island. Found this.

So I took out the color, cut around the island, made it dark and voila.
An island.

It still looked a little too simple. I tried adding palm trees but it looked too fake, so I decided to put the LOST logo on it .

With a little lightening and darkening, it turned out quite nicely.

And for the back of the shirt, I decided to make my own Dharma sign.

Well, there's the design, hopefully it all goes on the shirt nicely, will post finished product soon!