Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear Sophie

Poor, dearest Sophie,

I am in distress over your many wounds. How could this horrible tragedy come upon you?
(and me)

It is too much to bear. Your rear end, I must say, has been inverted, your swerving days are over.

Your muffler has been eaten by a toyota. Your trunk won't even close!
I'm sorry to say, that we must part, and go our separate ways.

No more lovely loungeful drives up the winding roads to Sisters,
I'm afraid your future is getting grimmer and grimmer.

Don't fret, I won't forget you. You were an amazing first car. I'll keep your tires and your gas....you know, in memory of your dedication. I may be taking back my stickers and emptying the loose change drawer, but I'll never stop loving you Sophie, my precious Honda star.

(by the way. my neck is killing me!)

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