Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Parking....maybe?

I may be imagining things, but to me, No Parking signs need to be more clear.

Take this one:
Yes, it's clear i can't park, but it doesn't specify time...or the specific area....
Much is left up to personal interpretation....
However, this one is infinitely more informative:
It's even smart alec, whatever works. It's helping you, no matter how mean it is. They don't want to give you tickets as much as you don't want to pay them.
So I ask you, If I am parked perfectly parallel to a "staff" parking section, but not behind the sign....where is the line drawn???

That white pole infront of my car is the sign....sorry it's so bright.
I'm not behind it, I'm parallel!
-turns out I didn't have to risk it. I crept slowly behind this girl till she got to her car and waited for her to leave.
I wouldn't call it desperate, I'd say it's persistent.
Sometimes following parking regulations takes some aggressive driving.

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