Monday, April 20, 2009

Smoky, you smarty....

Finally some genuine Sci-fi leaks in...

There is a certain Star Trek feeling to this moment.

Totally called this. When Ben first starting talking Caesar, I could see him analyzing him as a potential threat, and I just knew. He's dead. Totally awesome shot though, I mean it was almost Pilot good.

Not to toot my own horn but........Well. I have a gift.

So now we know:
  • Kate is here to find Claire (or so she says)
  • Jack is here to find his purpose (sounds a little destiny-crazed Locke)
  • John is here to enjoy his leadershipness
  • guess is Charlie, and to help George Lucas
  • Sun is here for Jin (or possibly Lapidus? haha)
  • Juliet and Sawyer staying for good? We shall see..... I wonder if given the chance to return to their proper place in time, they would go their separate ways...

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