Friday, May 1, 2009

There's an App for that.

Alright, when did the idea of sharing die?

All I wanted was to pitch a funny sketch idea to SNL, because it'd be awesome.
So I went to their site and found this in the FAQ section:

"SNL" has a strict policy of not accepting unsolicited scripts, script ideas, drafts of sketches, or even jokes."

Way to snuff that creative candle.

So, instead of letting them in on it, I'll put it here. And perchance, some SNL writer happens to glance across it, hey take the credit man, I just want to see it done:)


So the iPhone has all those silly App ads telling how to ship a package, figure out tips, and even hang a shelf so it's level. Well.....what if....

President Obama voiced the ad ( and when I say Obama, I mean Fred Armisen) saying...

"Say you're the president of a country....and it's going through a financial crisis...and they may need some bailouts....
Well, there's an App for that."

"Yup. There's an App for just about anything."

Hey. I'd laugh.

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