Monday, April 6, 2009

Cellular Exasperation.

Have you ever felt torn in all directions, everyone telling you what you want and how wonderful it will be together?

Well, yes. I have, it was with three companies. Verizon. Sprint. and T Mobile.

I originally started with Unicel, but they've decided to mesh with Verizon. I didn't care too much at first because as long as I kept my phone, any plan was sufficient.
This simple wish proved to be not so.

Here is my phone, i love it. It is easy to use, and big screen, has all my ringtones and photos. it is the best. BUT it has a sim card.

My brother gave it to me when my Razor punked out, and I've loved it ever since, and thanks to those lovely sim cards, I was able to use a Tmobile phone with Unicel.

Unfortunately, every company has gotten the idea that sim cards are a thing of the past. Or they are just tired of people not buying their phones. Either way, they were forcing me to get a different phone. So, Verizon. I refuse you.

A few days later, my dad decides to switch us all over to Sprint, unbeknownst to us. Just as before, my one condition was keeping my phone, and they were just as bad. So I started shopping through their selection...

this one was cute, but too small.

This one was what I was used to, but pretty spendy.

And on top of everything, the bluetooth application doesn't work for sharing files like ringtones and such. That was it. I was done. So after 5 days with Sprint, we parted bitterly.

So I decided the only way to keep my beloved Tmobile dash was to go with Tmobile. I now pay month to month, no overage charges, and I pay exactly for what I'm using. AND they use sim cards and have no plans in changing that.

Cellphones are such a pain.

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  1. great phone! I wouldn't want to change it either!