Monday, April 6, 2009

Roadside Photography

I know this isn't the safest of hobbies, especially since I don't take the time to pull over each time I want a photo. It's quite simple really, one hand on the wheel, the other pointed in the general direction of the subject out the window, and hopefully no cars are near (for safety and photo purposes.)
This past weekend I embarked on a mini-roadtrip to see some friends over the mountain. Little did I know, I would experience many different exciting events and encounter excellent photo opportunities under extremely dangerous conditions...

This one wasn't bad. It was calm, no traffic, I was just heading out of town.

Here is another easy peasy one, you could keep both hands on the wheel for this one.
I felt weird taking this photo since I happened to follow this car over a hundred miles...awkward.

Here's where it gets tricky. It stinks when there's something really cool to shoot, but the best angle is on a curve, and you're going....well at an increasing speed..hence the canted angle.

Self photography isn't too good either. It shows all of your unpleasant features. I don't think anyone looks good when their driving. But I liked the trees reflected in my sunglasses.

Finally, I made it to my destination, no more trees and snow, finally something green and civilized!
-I know the cracked windshield is just awesome.

I was glad to be done driving.

Oh, and one more thing. While I was there, I had one last amazing experience. I tried on a Snuggie. I'd post the photo, but it's too heinous to advertise. Just imagine me as Gandalf, only blue and pink. That's all you need to know.

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