Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome New Recruits...

Now who would have guessed....

The best part (in my opinion) of the whole episode was Jack.

He just couldn't believe that HE, a spinal surgeon, who graduated a year ahead of everyone else, is now a Dharma Janitor, based on his poor results on the aptitude test. Way to stick it Sawyer.

Another funny one was Juliet's short-lived maternal instinct. Hey, if I knew I was holding a creepy baby-mama-napper, I'd throw it back.

AND, Juliet had her own little power-play of her own with the newly arrived rival for Sawyer's tender little heart. We all skipped a beat when Phil gave Kate the evil suspicion eye, but sure enough Juliet has to leave everyone on the edge of their seat while she "saves" the day.

So, way to go Sun, you are the smartest of them all, for not trusting every slimy word out of this man's mouth.

SIDE note:
One not so supported theory of mine with no basis other than my hunch (what hunch?) is that Miles is Pierre Chang's son. AKA Marvin Candle, Edgar Haliwax, Marvin Wickmund ( what's the obsession with candles? )

And one more "yay" moment, we finally get to put a face to the brain stain.
Good ol' Radzinsky, pre-end of the world-button crazy.

Till the next marvelous night...

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