Thursday, March 5, 2009

LaFleur's Dilemma...

So, Mr. LaFleur is it? At least he got a decent pair of glasses this time.
Do we like this new, clean shaven Sawyer? He sure looks like he belongs with Dharma.
And speaking of which, do we call him Sawyer anymore? He killed the real Sawyer, so now he's just James again, right? Who knows. Sawyer sounds more attractive....

I know they only had each other, but does anyone else think this is weird? He was willing to torture and interrogate her with Sayid, grilled her about her and Jack, treated her with other-hatefulness, he didn't even trust her fully. I mean look at their faces! Are they smokin' Dharma weed? Those 70's clothes don't lie....
I guess this proves that dramatic situations can really pair ANY two people together?

But, obviously he doesn't fully trust his bed maiden, since he wasn't too eager to share the good news just yet when Jin called about his new van buddies, .

Maybe he's thinking he's got some competition again....

Or perhaps he's thinking of past "ties" between his beloved Freckles that has supposedly been forgotten.

Will she stick with Jack?

Or possibly get caught in a net with someone else?

How could they forget their outlaw connection so easily? He sacrificed his life for her...

Will he remain true to his new love with Juliet? Or will old flames kindle and start the mighty Quadrangle all over again?

Things to think about:
  • Are they stuck in this time forever?
  • Will they risk their "lie" to warn the Dharma Initiative of their perilous fate?
  • Will Richard become an ally since John is back?
  • Are John, Ben, Lapidus, Hydra Island crew, all in the same timezone as Jack, Kate and Hurley? John wasn't flashed apparently....
  • Will Ben rise up to take back his leadership duties? Will Richard demote him?

This is the saddest part of this whole back in the past business.

Unless they can find a way back. Juliet will never see her sister again and never meet her nephew. Yes, Sun and Kate left Aaron and Ji Yeon behind, but that was their choice. Juliet has wanted to get back to them for 6 years. Just breaks your heart.

I love this show so much.

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