Saturday, March 20, 2010


Look Familiar?

I'm pretty sure all us girls got pretty excited to see Sawyer
(I'm sorry I just can't call him James) with:

A: His shirt off (it's been a while!)
& B: Gotta love a man with a badge

Not Excited About : Charlotte. Sure rackin' em up huh?

So how did we get from this lovely(creepy) little connection...

To this.

Emilie is doing such a good job, this is a total turn around for her character. Same with Terry O'Quinn. Both have made such an easy, convincing transition to their "Other-selves"

"That is covered in skeet!" as said by Lyrica Tuesday night. "C'mon, you all were thinking it!"

I think Sayid is on Smoky-Weed. Either that or he thinks he's watching his daily soap and man, are their graphics low quality!

Can't wait for tonight. My favorite character's long overdue-centric episode.
Darling, beloved, beautiful, Mr. Alpert.

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  1. Hey , hola! , your spanish is good, don´t worry about that.
    .Thanks a lot for your coment in my blog (my english is a shit)haha
    .I like "Lost" too , is my favourite, it´s sad that this is the last season.
    .I hope to see you in my blog soon.
    .See u later!