Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ab Aeterno

Finally. FINALLY. My beloved Richard gets his back story.

Some screen shots are just too good.

"(gasp) Es el diablo!" - Isabella
"Un poco de privacidad por favor!"

I love this shot

I guess Jacob believes in forceful conversion, starting with baptism.

Ok, as I try to figure this all out, let's start with the facts (at least I think they're facts)

  • Jacob doesn't want to protect the island. He's protecting the rest of the world.
  • He is....good?
  • He thinks all people are naturally good, and proving that will do....what?
  • Man-in-Black wants to leave the island and...corrupt the rest of the world?
  • He has no human body, but used to? How can he be evil incarnate when he had a mother?
  • He thinks all people are bad, just like him.

Loved this analogy. It really helped me understand it a lot better.

I'm glad Richard's back on the good side now, after his ghost-kiss with lovely Isabella.


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  2. Aloha my friend! Happy Easter!!! ;)