Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dr. Linus

I love that Ben writes his name on his mug. Told you we'd be friends.

So, why did they leave the island?
Roger finally get sick of janitorial aspirations?
If their relationship is better, that means he didn't drink as much, hence no mommy issues, which means no sighting of dead mom in the forest. who knows.

I want to believe Ben, but up until this point, he's STILL trying to harness some sort of control/power. Why does Demon-Locke want Ben to stay, or is it a trick?

Totally called it.

  • Jack is sounding more and more like old-Locke everyday "destiny" and "fate"
  • did anyone else feel the R2D2 reference at the end? because I did, and I loved it.
    (in case you have no idea, it's when the sub was poking out of the sea to see the beach)

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