Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Painting Prelude

I really want to take some painting classes. It's actually pretty fun, but I'd like to know what I'm doing...

This was my first attempt ever at painting
(excluding preschool of course)

It does have a little LOST quality to it a bit...even the purple sky...

So then I asked my instructor at the time to give me an assignment (I wasn't actually enrolled in his class) so I could learn to paint. He suggested I start by re-creating a work of art so I could look at color mixing, brush strokes, etc. So here's what that produced...(sorry it's a bad photo)

So now I was really liking it, and since I didn't have a job that winter, I decided to try out my newly acquired skills (as simple as they may be) on some homemade Christmas gifts.

I am, as you should know, a devoted STAR WARS lover and so is my brother.
Naturally, his painting would be incorporating our favorite aspects of the movies....

I chose our favorite Ewok: Wicket and Yoda.
I suggest to all you beginners out there to start by having something to look off of.

Sketch it out, the same size at your finished product will be

bust it out

and to save time and money, use the other side of the board (because you're too poor for canvas)

I liked the sketch better on this one...

He looks ok, but too cartoony, not quite ALIVE

Adding some darker greens and lighter greens, creating depth really made him seem 3D

You could say he liked it...

Now I was on a roll. Painting was easy, cheap (well, if you buy acrylics), and was way more personal than a Starbucks card.
I know I haven't perfected it at all (not even close!) But I've been sketching long enough to fake my way through. My next project was a wedding gift for a close friend.
I chose to re-create one of my favorite photos by Sina Demiral.

I want to do more, just don't have the time...If anyone of you have paintings (or any art ) I'd love to see them!

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