Monday, June 28, 2010

You're such a Nanny

Yes. I am a Nanny. I wish there was a tougher name for it. Because, c'mon this is a TOUGH job.

But wait, first: THE PERKS

No matter how bad it gets, I can't get mad at this face!!
I literally LOVE my job.

She talks like she's 8, so everything she says is hilarious. Her vocabulary? Try, embarrassing, ridiculous, and are you kidding me, man?

Every once in a while, I'll even get a, " Arielle, you're so pretty. I love you"

Ok, so enough of the goods.

The things that aren't so awesome?

3am nightmares

5am potty breaks

8am I'm hungry! Let's wake up!

That's pretty much it though, other than a lack of sleep some days, there is no down side.

My fee is my rent, and any days I'm needed beyond my assigned ones? Extra cash.

Really, my life is awesome.

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