Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi, Hello. This is Mitchell Davis.

I want to talk to you about Mitchell Davis

I first heard about Mitchell from my boss. (she's a hip mom, so she's in the know)
Anyway, she shows me this video:

I was sold. I thought he was hilarious! So, I watched all of his videos on his YouTube channel

Here's one of my faves:

Happy Birthday II-

He's just like anyone else. He got a Mac and figured out how to cut, edit and produce hilarious videos. And now, his fan base is in the thousands. ( and has great wall decoration )

I don't really know his whole story, so I don't feel right summarizing what little I know about him. But here are some things that I know for sure.

He loves his grandparents and lived with them for a time. (I love his relationship with them)

His best friend is named Kyle, who sometimes appears in his videos.

He has appeared on PopTub, a YouTube show...

He is an excellent photographer

He likes to dance wearing a zebra mask

He and Kyle had their first live show for Live Lava Live recently

And he has great hair - in my opinion :)

It's been great watching his journey to online fame, and hopefully he can go bigger than that! I can see him on Ellen (which would be a hilarious interview) and I think he and Jimmy Fallon would get along well. Basically I just want to tell you that he's worth your time. Go check him out, he'll make you smile, laugh till you cry, and inspire your creative side :)

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