Friday, August 14, 2009

Dharma Designs

Ok, I promised I would continue my t-shirt designing adventures, so I've finally delved into my creative side once more to make some for myself.

This first one took FOREVER simply because I have a ghetto photo program instead of Adobe Photoshop, so instead of ten minutes, it turned more into two days to finish.

First, I arranged some of my sketches together, to make a collage for the front of my shirt

This took the longest.
It looked a little barren so I decided to add a little island.

So I googled island. Found this.

So I took out the color, cut around the island, made it dark and voila.
An island.

It still looked a little too simple. I tried adding palm trees but it looked too fake, so I decided to put the LOST logo on it .

With a little lightening and darkening, it turned out quite nicely.

And for the back of the shirt, I decided to make my own Dharma sign.

Well, there's the design, hopefully it all goes on the shirt nicely, will post finished product soon!

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